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Northern New Jersey Has the Fastest Industrial Rent Growth on the East Coast
(COSTAR) - 21 hours, 31 minutes ago...
Blue Apron leased out an entire 495,000-square-foot distribution center in Linden, New Jersey, (pictured) in 2016. The industrial market continues to be a bright spot in Northern New Jersey commercial real estate. As of September, year-over-year rent growth was 7.8 percent, the highest of any East Coast market. This figure ranks sixth nationally among markets with more than 100 million square feet of inventory. Rent growth in 2018 builds upon......
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Ask Real Estate: Why Do My Rent-Stabilized Neighbors Own Vacation Homes?
(NY Times) - 1 days, 4 hours ago...
The tale of the rent-stabilized tenant with a house in the Berkshires is often used to point out the shortcomings of rent regulation. But there’s a flaw in that argument....
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